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Dealing with issues of sexual orientation or gender identity can be challenging

You may be a parent, family member or friend of someone who is gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, non-binary,  intersex or questioning. You may be an LGBTQ+ person in the process of coming out and dealing with family, workplace, or social issues related to your sexual identity. Whatever your situation, you’ll find support, information, acceptance, and friendship at PFLAG DuPage. 

Please join us at our monthly meetings. It may change your life. It changed ours.

Next Chapter Meeting
Will be out Holiday Party
Sunday,  February 18, 2024
2 PM

St. Paul Lutheran Church
515 S. Wheaton Ave.
Wheaton, IL

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You can reach us at all times at PFLAGDupage@yahoo.com.  

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need support.  

Members of PFLAG at 2023 Wheaton 4th of July Parade

Partnering with the Community

PFLAG DuPage reaches out to organizations of all kinds - schools, churches, libraries, social services, health & wellness organizations - to help people understand the issues of sexual orientation and gender identity.  Likewise PFLAG DuPage relies upon like organizations to help us keep abreast of the latest information available for LGBTQ+ issues.   If your organization would be interested in having a PFLAG DuPage member attend or support an event, or if someone in your organization is available to be a guest speaker at our meetings or otherwise support our cause, please contact us.